We will provide you or your organization with the highest quality diagnostic screening experience using the very best and professionally recognized instrumentation. Our research department performs accuracy, reliability and inter-unit reliability studies to determine the strengths and weaknesses of diagnostic instruments manufactured by different companies. Our recommendation for instrument choices will be based on the demographic parameters of your target population.







Screening Test Cost Per Patient Time Required
Bone Density Test (Osteoporosis) $35 per screening 10 minutes
Bone Composition Analysis Futrex $10 per screening 2-5 minutes
Bone Composition Analysis + 4 page report $20 per screening 7 minutes
Bone Composition Analysis Tanita $3 per screening 2 minutes
Bone Composition Analysis + i page report $5 per screening 2 minutes
Total Cholesterol + Lipids (fasting) $25 per screening 10 minutes
Total Cholesterol + HDL (non-fasting) $15 per screening 10 minutes
Total Cholesterol $10 per screening 10 minutes
Blood Pressure Check with computer print-out $5 per screening 10 minutes
Blood Glucose $2 per screening 5 minutes
1 Hour Workshop including a free test
(minimum of 10 registered participants)
$20 – 50 per person
Individual Consultations $65 per hour
Seminars Upon Request
Flat Rate Fee Schedule
Per Month $300* Ask for details
Half Day $500* 4 hours
Full Day $750* 8 hours
Immunization Upon Request
Block Lease Time Blocks Ask for details 2-8 hour monthly schedule
*Plus consumable costs when applicable
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